Funeral Arrangements - Friday 16th November 2012 from 14:30pm

We are pleased to invite anyone who wishes to celebrate Rhys's life to join us at the Seaford Baptist Church on Friday 16th November 2012 at 14:30.
We intend very much for the service to be as happy and joyful as possible. Please click a link below:-

For full details including post service celebrations, flowers and/or donations, seeing Rhys one last time, option to write a letter for Rhys, helping with decorating the church, help with the celebrations, accommodation/parking and more...

Cooper and Son, Funeral Directors - to see Rhys one last time, to send flowers and/or donations, to write a letter to go with Rhys and more..

Map of Seaford with locations plotted
Some accommodation in Seaford

School Photo 2011 - Year 7 High School